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U.S. Politics -- The Race for the White House
U.S.  Politics -- The 2008 Presidential Primaries

I saw tears of joy and heard sighs of relief around the world when Barack Obama was elected 44thPresident of the United States on November 4, 2008.  Throughout this longer than ever campaign,many Americans were transfixed on the miracle that might or might not occur.  There was more speculation on whether enough whites would vote for a black president than I ever wanted to write about.

I’ll share with you another dozen op-ed columns that I wrote for the China Post in the heat of the general election campaign.  We can expect much more heat as political leaders come to grips with the most threatening economic crisis in my lifetime, but I believe that President Obama has the brains and wisdom to shed light on workable solutions, and that the United States will change for the better.

Here are links to these columns.  To view my commentaries on the primaries, click here.

A Dozen Columns

End of the Road – the White House

McCain Slipping Down the Campaign Slime Slope 

Have the Presidential Debates Spelled Disaster for McCain’s Campaign Hopes?  

U.S.Election is all About Images 

Melt down Reveals Candidates’ Colors

Wonder Woman Revives Superman 

Crusaders Dominated at the GOP Convention

‘Right’ Ridicule of Obama Charisma 

McCain’s Sharp Tongue Means Obama Could Lose

Civility Reigned in a Different Kind of Presidential Debate

Can Americans Trust Vote Results? 

Republicans are Frustrated with the Party 




Hi All,

Welcome to the U.S. politics section of my website.

Out of a clear blue sky in January, I got a call from a Singapore newspaper asking for an interview for their feature article on Super Tuesday.  It took so much time and research to answer their zillions of questions that it finally dawned on me that I ought to be writing my own Op-Ed columns too. Serendipity struck again, since I had not even thought about writing about the U.S. elections before this request. 

So, I took a break from writing my second novel, and immersed myself in US politics. The outcome was a lot of brainstorming, bleary eyes and a dozen columns appearing in the editorial pages of the China Post. They are an opinionated history of the U.S. Primary Elections, from just before Super Tuesday until the last primaries in June when Barack Obama finally clinched the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States.

In a very real way, these columns portray my personal views of contemporary American society. It is a view from afar, since these columns were written in Taipei, Taiwan. Now is the time for people around the world to weigh in with their views about what the United States needs to become. The Presidential candidates should listen and need to know, so share your thoughts by sending in a comment.

A Dozen Columns

Obama Victory Gives Him Everything to Lose

Contradictions Among Democratic Voters

What This U.S. Election Reveals About Americans

U.S. Elections: Pandering As Usual

The Democrats: Shall We Overcome

McCain Stands Above the Fray

American Voters Praying for Unity

Dems’ Deadlock: More Questions than Answers 

Obama: From Unknown to Powerhouse

McCain Must Consolidate Support to Win U.S. Elections

A Wave May Overcome the Clinton Juggernaut

Behind the U.S. Presidential Race  

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