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Syd Goldsmith’s writing flows from multiple careers.  Musician, diplomat, management consultant, and entrepreneur, his zest to have a go at everything has led him to taste life in some thirty countries.  Much of this international adventure has been as the flutist of “Five Hundred Years of Romances for Flute and Guitar,” which performed on every continent except Antarctica and recorded for Klavier Records.


As a diplomat, Syd served mostly in South America and Greater China.  Early on, he survived the Chinese Cultural Revolution by convincing Red Guards he was not a spy.  Later, as the unofficial U.S. Consul General in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, he played a bit part in Taiwan’s transformation from a martial law dictatorship to the first ever Chinese democracy.


Syd returned to Greater China after the Foreign Service, as a management consultant to Chinese state-owned and private companies as well as American multi-nationals.  The most exciting assignment was a temporary stint running a Chinese footwear manufacturing conglomerate with 8000 employees and factories in China, Thailand, and Taiwan.  Then he was heavily involved in an internet startup as the dotcom bubble blew up in his face.


Syd sees his life as a series of survivals.  As with any life, wonderful stories can emerge from the magic mix of experience and imagination.  In Jade Phoenix, the severed head of a chicken dooms a hero, a stroke of the pen shatters dreams of nationhood, and love blooms in a wilderness of misunderstanding.  You can have it all by clicking here and taking it from there.


Syd lives in Taipei, Taiwan with his wife Hsiu-chen and their two children.  He is working on a short story collection and another novel.


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